§ 54.11  FISHING.
   (A)   Fishing from the shore or from a boat shall be permitted only in designated areas with adequate sanitation and by permit issued by the Superintendent of Water Treatment or designated inspector.
   (B)   No baskets, trot-lines or special devices or hooks will be permitted. Hooks and lines shall be only permitted method of fishing.
   (C)   There shall be no picnicking, cleaning or cooking of fish within fifty feet of high water line.
   (D)   Property owners holding valid and current annual permits may permit up to ten guests outside of the immediate family to fish on a particular day from the shore adjacent to the owner's property or from an approved floating dock provided that each guest has obtained a fishing permit for that day from the lake inspector and provided that all city and state regulations are consistently met. Compliance with these regulations by such guests is the responsibility of the property owner and annual permits may be revoked by the Superintendent of Water Treatment if this responsibility is not met.
('84 Code, § 13-11)  (Ord. passed 8-16-94; Am. Ord. O-1996-06, passed 3-19-96Penalty, see § 10.99