(A)   A floating dock not to exceed 16 feet in length or 16 feet in width, and extend no further than 43 feet from the city's property line on the lake shore, may be built and maintained by adjacent property owners who hold current annual lake permits provided such docks meet all applicable requirements of this article.
   (B)   All boats entering and leaving the lake, including those operated from private docks, must do so at the ramp supervised by the lake inspector; however, private boats may be removed only for storage and/or repairs from other points when specifically approved by the Superintendent of Water Treatment.
   (C)   The structure of the docks, including materials, design and construction shall meet all North Carolina drinking water regulations and all engineering standards for safety and structural integrity; further, no material restricted by N.C. regulations from contact with drinking water supplies shall be permitted on any part of the dock in contact with or below the water surface for any dock constructed or modified after March 19, 1996.
('84 Code, § 13-3)  (Ord. passed 8-16-94; Am. Ord. O-1996-06, passed 3-19-96Penalty, see § 10.99