(A)   All developed land in the City, whether public or private, shall be subject to a stormwater management service charge. Exemptions shall not be allowed based on age, tax exemption, or other status of an individual or organization. Stormwater management service charges may be subject to a credit reduction in charges as further provided herein.
   (B)   Stormwater management service charges on developed land shall be based on a schedule of rates, charges, tiers, and late fees fixed and established from time to time by the City Council and maintained on file in the offices of the Finance Director and Director of Engineering. Stormwater management service charges will be determined and modified from time to time by the City Council, so that the total revenues generated by said charges will be used to pay the principal and the interest on the debt incurred for stormwater purposes, and such expenses as are reasonably necessary for providing stormwater services within the City of Monroe.
   (C)   Computation of stormwater management service charges.
      (1)   For single-family developed residential land, the monthly stormwater management service charges shall be based on the median amount of impervious surface on a single-family residential lot in the city, which is known as an ERU. There shall be a tier system for single-family developed properties, based on the amount of impervious surface of single-family properties, as set forth in the City of Monroe fee schedule.
      (2)   For other residential developed land, including townhouses, apartments, condominiums, and other multiunit residential development, the monthly stormwater management service charges shall be as set forth in the City of Monroe fee schedule for other residential unit.
      (3)   For nonresidential land, the monthly stormwater management service charges on developed land is calculated by dividing the total impervious surface area of the property divided by one (1) ERU, rounded to the nearest tenth, multiplied by the established monthly single-family equivalent unit rate as fixed by City Council.
      (4)   For developments with common property, containing impervious surfaces, such as townhouse developments, cluster unit developments, or condominiums, each dwelling unit shall be responsible for its equal pro rata share of the total impervious surfaces area of the common areas of the development not served by City of Monroe water or sewer or both unless other arrangements are made pursuant to § 58.07(D).
   (D)   The following exemptions from stormwater management service charges are allowed:
      (1)   Undeveloped land.
      (2)   Improved public transportation ways, including public streets, roads, greenways and trails, airport runways, and internal roads within public facilities, which have been conveyed to the North Carolina Department of Transportation or City of Monroe and which are used by the general public for motor vehicle transportation, and private streets constructed in accordance with the City of Monroe Code of Ordinances and the City of Monroe Standard Specifications and Detail Manual.
      (3)   Railroad tracks. However, railroad stations, maintenance buildings or other developed land shall not be exempted from stormwater management service charges.
      (4)   Developed land with less than four hundred (400) total square feet of impervious surface area per individual lot.
(Ord. O-2008-46, passed 11-18-08)