(A)   A usage charge shall be levied on all users including, but not limited to, persons, firms, corporations or governmental entities that discharge, cause or permit the discharge of sewage into the POTW. Usage charges shall be variable, based on metered water usage (or metered sewer discharge in special cases approved by the Director).
   (B)   A customer charge shall be levied on all users who, by requesting service and paying all applicable fees, have a city service connection installed to their property. This shall include pre-installed service connections. The customer charge shall be fixed based on water meter size and sewer meter capacity.
   (C)   The service charges shall reflect at least the cost of debt service, operation and maintenance (including replacement) of the POTW.
   (D)   The City Manager shall review annually the sewage contributions of users, the total costs of debt service, operation and maintenance of the POTW and will make recommendations to the City Council for adjustments in the schedule of charges and fees as necessary.
   (E)   Charges for flow to the POTW not directly attributable to the users shall be distributed among all users of the POTW.
(Ord. passed 6-22-94; Am. Ord. O-2000-10, passed 2-15-00; Am. Ord. O-2001-05, passed 1-16- 01; Am. Ord. O-2008-11, passed 3-18-08; Am. Ord. O-2013-13, passed 5-21-13)