§ 36.05  FIRE CHIEF.
   (A)   Appointment and Removal.
      (1)   The Fire Chief shall be appointed by the City Manager.
      (2)   In case of the failure of the Fire Chief to discharge his duties, or should he prove inefficient or unsuited to discharge his duties, or should he exceed the powers or duties of his office, or for any other reasonable cause, he shall be removed from office at the discretion of the City Manager.
   (B)   Duties.
      (1)   The Fire Chief, subject to the City Manager, shall have charge of the Fire Department, and he shall be responsible for carrying out the duties of the fire department as described in § 36.01.
      (2)   The Fire Chief shall supervise the Fire Department, subject to the City Manager.
      (3)   The Fire Chief shall assign such duties to the members of the Fire Department, as he may deem best.
      (4)   The Fire Chief shall see that the members of the Fire Department present a neat and respectable appearance.
      (5)   The Fire Chief shall enforce all departmental regulations.
      (6)   The Fire Chief shall perform, or require to be performed, other responsibilities as required by the general statutes, including but not limited to preparing incident reports of fires, maintaining records of fires, conducting investigations of fires, conducting inspections of properties, and making annual reports to the council on department activities.
(Ord. O-1999-71, passed 11-2-99)