The Fire Department is established for the purpose of formulating and implementing programs and procedures in the following areas:
   (A)   Fire Prevention and Risk Reduction.
      (1)   The Fire Department shall have a program under which its personnel regularly examine every part of the community where a significant fire problem might develop. Personnel shall inspect real property in the community with an emphasis on those occupancies identified by a risk schedule as subject to a high level of hazard to life and property.
      (2)   The Fire Department shall offer its services to local individuals and organizations with potential fire hazard conditions and shall assist in their solution.
      (3)   The Fire Department shall be responsible for the enforcement of the Fire Prevention Code of the North Carolina State Building Code and provide periodic inspections and permitting for the purpose of identifying activities and conditions in buildings, structures and premises that pose dangers of fire, explosion or related hazards.
      (4)   Frequency rates for inspections of occupancies as mandated by state law shall supersede  this schedule. Nothing in this section is intended to prevent more frequent inspections than the schedule listed above or the schedule filed with the Engineering Division of the State Department of Insurance. (For enabling authority, see N.C.G.S. § 153A-364 and N.C.G.S. § 160A-424)
   (B)   Fire Suppression. 
      (1)   The Fire Department shall effectively combat fires that occur within the area it serves. The Department’s commitment to provide non-emergency services and activities shall not interfere with its ability to effectively combat fires when they occur.
      (2)   The priority of goals in the suppression of fire shall be as follows:
         (a)   Save lives.
         (b)   Limit the spread of fire.
         (c)   Extinguish the fire.
         (d)   Minimize property damage from fire-related hazards.
   (C)   Rescue and Emergency Medical Services.
      (1)   Preservation of human life shall be the primary responsibility of the Fire Department during fire and other emergencies.
      (2)   The fire department shall be responsible for performing or coordinating rescue services of injured or entrapped victims.
   (D)   Hazardous Materials.
      (1)   The Fire Department shall be prepared to carry out first responder level functions in the event of hazardous materials incidents and shall coordinate higher levels of mitigation of hazardous materials emergencies as needed.
   (E)   Disaster Planning.
      (1)   The Fire Department shall develop and maintain in writing the City Emergency Operations Plan, which includes comprehensive response plan describing the fire department’s role and roles of other City departments in natural and technological (man-made) disasters.
      (2)   The Fire Department shall provide management and coordination, through an Emergency Management Coordinator, of all public and private services called into action in natural and technological (man-made) disasters.
(Ord. O-1999-71, passed 11-2-99; Am. Ord. O-2004-29, passed 9-7-04)