As used in this article, the following terms shall have the respective meanings ascribed to them.
   BUILDING MATERIAL (also called CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION MATERIAL). Brick, stone, carpet, plumbing materials, plaster, concrete, asphalt, roofing, floor coverings, gutters or other material or substances accumulated as a result of construction, repairs or additions to existing structures or accessory structures or demolition of such.
   GARBAGE. A by-product of animal or vegetable foodstuffs resulting from the handling, preparation, cooking and consumption of food or other matter which is subject to decomposition, decay, and/or the generation of noxious or offensive gases or odors, or which during and/or after decay may serve as breeding or feeding material for flies, insects and/or animals.
      (1)   Potentially dangerous byproducts which cannot be handled, treated or disposed of without special precautions.
      (2)   HAZARDOUS WASTE includes ignitable, corrosive, reactive and toxic wastes such as acetone, gasoline, industrial metal, alkaline cleaners, acids, cyanide, chlorine, arsenic, pesticide wastes, paint, caustics, infected materials, offal, fecal matter (human and animal) and explosives.
      (3)   Any HAZARDOUS WASTE listed in 40 Code of Federal Regulations Chapter 1, Subchapter I, Part 261, Subpart D, Lists of Hazardous Waste.
   JUNK. Any item creating a littered condition including, but not limited to, household or office furnishings, household appliances, mattress, box springs, lawn equipment, machinery or other similar items which are either in a wholly or partially rusted, wrecked, junked, dismantled or inoperative condition.
      (1)   Grass, weeds, leaves, tree trimmings, plants, shrubbery pruning and other similar materials which are generated in the maintenance of yards and gardens, which are separate from other solid waste materials and placed in a designated recycling collection area.
      (2)   YARD WASTE shall not include trees, tree limbs, brush or other material resulting from commercial tree trimmers and/or commercial lawn-care services.
(2003 Code, § 5-5.1) (Amended 11-2-2021)