Any wireless telecommunications facilities which are not attached to a tower shall be a permitted ancillary use to any commercial, industrial, professional, institutional or multi-family structure, regardless of the zoning restrictions applicable to the zoning district where the structure is located and without having to obtain any prior authorization from the village, provided that the person making such ancillary use files a written certification with the village establishing the following:
   (a)   The total height of the antenna support structure and wireless telecommunications facilities do not exceed the structural height limitations of the FAA in the applicable zoning district under § 1274.07;
   (b)   The antenna support structure and wireless telecommunications facilities comply with the Ohio Basic Building Code;
   (c)   Any wireless telecommunications facilities and their appurtenances, located on the roof of a building, are set back one foot from the edge of the roof, not including the penthouse, for each one foot in height of the wireless telecommunications facilities. However, this setback requirement shall not apply to antennas less than two inches in thickness, which are mounted to the sides of antenna support structures, but which do not protrude more than six inches from the side of such an antenna support structure. This requirement is subject to change by the Planning and Zoning Commission upon review of the photosimulation provided in compliance with § 1478.05(b); and
   (d)   The wireless telecommunications facilities will utilize camouflaging techniques or will be side- mounted to an antenna support structure in order that the wireless telecommunications facilities harmonize with the character and environment of the area in which they are located.
(Ord. 5-97, passed 7-14-1997)