SECTION 4.12  Referral of Zoning Ordinances to Planning Commission.
   Each ordinance or resolution establishing, amending, revising, changing or repealing zoning classifications, districts, uses, or regulations shall be referred to the Planning Commission immediately after its first reading.  Within thirty (30) days of such referral the Planning Commission shall cause such ordinance or resolution to be returned to the Clerk of Council together with the written recommendations of the majority of the members of such commission.
   No such ordinance or resolution which violated, differs from, or departs from the written  recommendation of the Planning Commission take effect unless passed and approved by a vote of not less than four (4) of the members of Council.  This provision shall not be constructed to mean that an ordinance or resolution recommended for passage by the Planning Commission shall be passed by less than the votes required by Sec. 4.06 of this Charter.