(a)   Sidewalks hereinafter improved by placing walks with a permanent surfacing on any highway, street and alley within the Municipality shall be so improved by constructing such walk of either sawed stone or concrete and in accordance with the plans and specifications on file with the Clerk, and these sidewalks shall be constructed and of such materials and in such manner that such sidewalks shall at all times be maintained in good repair by the abutting property owners.
   (b)   Any person, firm or corporation desiring the determination of the grade of any sidewalk prior to the improvement or construction of any sidewalk, shall make application for same to the Clerk and shall deposit with the Clerk at the time the application is made the sum of fifty dollars ($50.00) to cover the engineering cost thereof.  Any excess of the sum so deposited after the actual engineering cost has been paid shall be refunded to the person, firm or corporation making such deposit, less the sum of three dollars ($3.00) which is the fee imposed by Section 903.03 as the fee to be charged for alteration, repair or construction of any sidewalk; such application shall be made in accordance with the form prescribed by the Clerk.  Any sidewalk located within the Municipality heretofore laid or constructed shall not be raised or lowered or the location changed whatever without the approval of the Street Superintendent and all sidewalks hereafter relaid shall be in accordance with the foregoing provisions of this section regulating the laying of new walks and under the direction as aforesaid.
(Ord. 6-58.  Passed 3-15-58.)