Before any person, firm or corporation that is entitled to lay, construct or repair any sidewalk, or is desirous of laying, constructing or repairing sidewalks as herein provided, undertakes to do the work of such laying, constructing or repairing, they shall first make application for a permit to do so from the Clerk.  The application for such permit herein provided for shall specify the name of the owner of the property in front of which the sidewalk is to be laid, relaid or repaired, the street number, if any, lot number, street name, the location between the intersecting streets, the length of the sidewalk to be constructed, width of the walk, location of the walk with respect to the curb line, and the probable time of beginning and completing of such work, and a separate permit shall be required for each continuous stretch of sidewalk to be so laid, relaid, constructed or repaired.
(Ord. 6-58.  Passed 3-15-58.)