(A)   Payment of charges. The owner or any lien holder of an impounded vehicle shall have a right to reclaim the vehicle from the city or impound lot operator taking it into custody upon payment of all towing and storage charges resulting from taking the vehicle into custody within 15 or 45 days, as applicable under § 90.19, after the date of the notice required by § 90.20.
   (B)   Lien holders. Nothing in this chapter shall be construed to impair any lien of a garagekeeper under the laws of this state, or the right of a lien holder to foreclose. For the purposes of this section, GARAGEKEEPER is an operator of a parking place or establishment, an operator of a motor vehicle storage facility, or an operator of an establishment for the servicing, repair or maintenance of motor vehicles.
   (C)   At any time before the expiration of the waiting periods provided in § 90.21 a registered owner who provides documentation from a government or nonprofit agency or legal aid office that the registered owner is homeless, receives relief based on need, or is eligible for legal aid service, has the unencumbered right to retrieve any and all contents without charge and regardless of whether the registered owner pays incurred charges or fees, transfers title, or reclaims the vehicle. For the purposes of this section:
      (1)   CONTENTS does not include any permanently affixed mechanical or nonmechanical automobile parts; automobile body parts; or automobile accessories, including audio or video players; and
      (2)   RELIEF BASED ON NEED includes, but is not limited to, receipt of MFIP and Diversionary Work Program, medical assistance, general assistance, general assistance medical care, emergency general assistance, Minnesota supplemental aid, MSA-emergency assistance, MinnesotaCare, Supplemental Security Income, energy assistance, emergency assistance, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, earned income tax credit, or Minnesota working family tax credit. The city or impound lot operator shall establish reasonable procedures for retrieval of vehicle contents under this section, and may establish reasonable procedures to protect the safety and security of the impound lot and its personnel.