(A)   Contents; notice given within five days. When an impounded vehicle is taken into custody, the city or impound lot operator taking it into custody shall give notice of the taking to the registered owner and any registered lien holders within five days. The notice shall:
      (1)   Set forth the date and place of the taking; the year, make, model and serial number of the impounded motor vehicle if the information can be reasonably obtained; and the place where the vehicle is being held;
      (2)   Inform the owner and any lien holders of their right to reclaim the vehicle under § 90.21; and
      (3)   State that failure of the owner or lien holders to exercise their right to reclaim the vehicle and contents within the appropriate time allowed under § 90.19 shall be deemed a waiver by them of all right, title and interest in the vehicle and contents and a consent to the transfer of title to and disposal or sale of the vehicle and contents pursuant to § 90.23.
      (4)   State that the vehicle owner who provides to the impound lot operator documentation from a government or nonprofit agency or legal aid office that the owner is homeless, receives relief based on need, or is eligible for legal aid services, has the unencumbered right to retrieve any and all contents of the vehicle without charge.
   (B)   Notice by mail or publication. The notice shall be sent by mail to the registered owner, if any, of an impounded vehicle and to all readily identifiable lien holders of record. The Department makes this information available to impound lot operators for notification purposes. If it is impossible to determine with reasonable certainty the identity and address of the registered owner and all lien holders, the notice shall be published once in a newspaper of general circulation in the area where the motor vehicle was towed from or abandoned. Published notices may be grouped together for convenience and economy.
   (C)   Unauthorized vehicles; notice. If an unauthorized vehicle remains unclaimed after 30 days from the date the notice was sent under division (B) of this section, a second notice shall be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the registered owner, if any, of the unauthorized vehicle and to all readily identifiable lien holders of record.