§ 90.060  TOWN TO ABATE.
   If the landowner fails to timely abate each violation set forth in a violation notice, the landowner shall be deemed to have granted permission to the town to enter the landowner's property at any reasonable time for the limited purpose of cutting and/or removing the debris, weeds or rank vegetation located thereon and identified in the violation notice. In such case, the Town Manager, or his or her designee, shall prepare a certified statement as to the actual administrative and other costs incurred by the town in taking the action, and serve a copy of the invoice on the landowner. The landowner shall, within seven calendar days from the date on which the landowner is served with the invoice (payment period), pay in full the amount stated thereon to the Clerk/Treasurer.
(Ord. 7-11-05-1, passed 8-8-2005)