A.   The village, pursuant to applicable federal and state law, is authorized to grant one or more nonexclusive franchises to construct, operate, maintain, and reconstruct cable systems within the village.
   B.   The village board finds that cable service has become an integral part of the lives of its citizens, and that evolving cable systems have the potential to play an even more dramatic role in the future, providing great benefits and advanced capabilities to the village. The board further finds that the public convenience, safety, and general welfare can best be served by establishing regulatory powers that are vested in the village or such persons as the village designates.
   C.   In order to ensure that the village and its residents receive state of the art cable services and capabilities as this technology further evolves, all franchises granted pursuant to this title will be subject to periodic review and lawful modifications to keep current with changing law, technology, and services. It is the intent of this title to help ensure that local cable operators provide the best possible cable service to residents of the village, and any franchises issued pursuant to this title shall be deemed to include this finding as an integral part thereof.
   D.   The board further finds stringent customer service standards, including liquidated damage provisions as provided in the franchise documents, may be the only practical means of approximating the costs of franchise agreement noncompliance to the village and its residents. (Ord. 1241, 6-18-2001)