12-1-1: PURPOSE:
In accordance with state law 1 , this title regulates the subdivision and development of land in order to implement the village comprehensive plan and official map. Thus, this title assists in achieving the following specific objectives:
   A.   To preserve, protect and promote the public health, safety, and welfare;
   B.   To provide a pleasant living environment by furthering the orderly layout and use of land, and to create an environment conducive to the productive development of the village;
   C.   To avoid legal and other problems by requiring that subdivided land be properly monumented and recorded;
   D.   To conserve and increase the value of land, improvements, and buildings;
   E.   To preserve the natural beauty and topography to the maximum feasible extent;
   F.   To provide adequate light, air, and privacy for all residents of new developments by preventing undue concentration of population;
   G.   To protect against injury or damage caused by fire, pollution, flooding, stormwater runoff, or erosion and sedimentation;
   H.   To provide safe and convenient access to new developments and to avoid traffic congestion by requiring the proper location, design, and construction of streets and sidewalks;
   I.   To reduce the cost of installing and maintaining adequate water mains, sanitary sewers, stormwater sewers, and other utilities and services;
   J.   To ensure that adequate parks, schools, and similar facilities can be made; and
   K.   To provide for the acceptance of lands for public rights of way. (Ord. 1334, 4-18-2005)



1. 65 ILCS 5/11-12-8 – 5/11-12-12.