A.   Every restaurant shall be provided with adequate and conveniently located toilet facilities for its employees, conforming with the provisions of this code.
   B.   In restaurants hereafter constructed, toilet rooms shall not open directly into any room in which food, drink, or utensils are handled or stored. The doors of all toilet rooms shall be self-closing.
   C.   Toilet rooms shall be kept in a clean condition, in good repair, and well lighted and ventilated. Hand washing signs shall be posted in each toilet room used by employees. (1983 Code § 3-14-10)
   D.   Adequate and convenient hand washing facilities shall be provided, including hot and cold running water, soap, and approved sanitary towels. The use of a common towel is prohibited. No employee shall resume work after using the toilet room without first washing his hands. (1983 Code § 3-14-12)