A.   Unwholesome Food Prohibited:
      1.   No person, firm or corporation shall offer for sale, or keep for the purpose of selling or offering for sale, any food of any kind intended for human consumption which is for any reason spoiled or tainted or is unwholesome and unfit for human consumption. (1983 Code § 3-14-6)
      2.   Samples of food, drink, and other substances may be taken and examined by a member of the license committee of the village board of trustees as often as may be necessary for the detection of unwholesomeness or adulteration. The license committee may condemn and forbid the sale of, or cause to be removed or destroyed, any food or drink which is unwholesome or adulterated. (1983 Code § 3-14-8)
   B.   Wholesomeness Of Food And Drink:
      1.   All food and drink shall be clean, wholesome, free from spoilage, and so prepared as to be safe for human consumption.
      2.   All milk, fluid milk products, ice cream, and other frozen desserts served shall be from approved sources. Milk and fluid milk products shall be served in the individual original containers in which they were received from the distributor or from a bulk container equipped with an approved dispensing device; provided, that this requirement shall not apply to cream, which may be served from the original bottle or from a dispenser approved for such service.
      3.   All oysters, clams, and mussels shall be from approved sources and, if shucked, shall be kept in the containers in which they were placed at the shucking plant until used. (1983 Code § 3-14-18)
   C.   Refrigeration: All readily perishable food and drink shall be kept at or below forty one degrees Fahrenheit (41°
   D.   Storage, Display And Serving Of Food And Drink: All food and drink shall be so stored, displayed, and served as to be protected from dust, flies, vermin, depredation and pollution by rodents, unnecessary handling, droplet infection, overhead leakage, and other contamination. No animals or fowls shall be kept or allowed in any room in which food or drink is prepared or stored. All means necessary for the elimination of flies, roaches, and rodents shall be used. (1983 Code § 3-14-19)