(a)   Lots.
      (1)   All lots shall abut on a dedicated street of right-of-way and shall comply with the applicable site development standards in § 1204.10.
      (2)   Side lots lines shall be at approximately right angles to straight streets and on radial lines on curved streets. Some variation from this rule is permissible, but points or very irregular lots shall be avoided. For hillside areas, side lines of lots shall be located as to provide the most suitable building site.
      (3)   Minimum lot areas, widths, and setback lines shall be as provided in this code for the district in which the subdivision is located. In cases where a water main supply system or a sanitary sewer system is not available, the minimum lot area shall be established by the applicable county's board of health, the Ohio EPA, or the Ohio Department of Health, as applicable, to accommodate a private water supply or sewage disposal system. In such cases, the minimum lot area may be larger than that established in this code.
      (4)   Typically, panhandle lots, double frontage lots, or triple frontage lots shall be discouraged and may only be approved if necessitated by unique features or other special physical conditions as deemed necessary by the Planning Commission. These lots shall meet the requirements established for the applicable lot type in § 1204.10(a). However, panhandle, double frontage lots, or triple frontage lots may be approved by the Development Code Administrator during minor subdivision if necessitated by unique features.
   (b)   Blocks.
      (1)   Blocks shall not normally exceed 1,250 feet in length, unless unusual circumstances justify greater length.
      (2)   Blocks shall be of sufficient width to permit two tiers of lots of appropriate depth, except where an interior street parallels a limited access highway, arterial street, or railroad right-of-way.
      (3)   No other specific rule is made concerning the shape of blocks, but blocks shall fit easily into the overall plan of the subdivision and their design must evidence consideration of lot planning, traffic flow and public areas.
      (4)   Within blocks of over 700 feet in length, the Planning Commission may require, at or near the middle of the block, a public walk connecting adjacent streets or other public areas, shopping centers, etc.
(Ord. O2018-02, passed 2-20-2018)