The following regulations shall apply to commercial or industrial fences:
   (a)   Such fences may be topped with barbed wire placed on a 45 degree angle-arm away from the side of the fence that fronts a property line, public sidewalk or public right of way. A V-type arm carrying barbed wire shall be prohibited along a public sidewalk or public right of way.
   (b)   Fences enclosing junk and wrecking yards shall be solid and may be constructed of masonry, metal or similar construction. Such fences shall not be less than six feet in height.
   (c)   All fences shall be erected to withstand a 15-pound horizontal wind pressure, shall be placed perpendicular to the ground and shall be substantially and properly supported according to standard practice.
   (d)   Fences of combustible material are not to be erected in the Fire Zone.
   (e)   No fences may be entirely constructed of barbed wire, be in any way electrified or be topped with broken glass, spikes or other sharp-edged materials.
   (f)   Fence gates, doors and other obstructions shall not swing across sidewalks or a public right-of-way.
   (g)   Fences placed around public buildings, parks and playgrounds shall be exempt from the requirements of this section, except that no barbed wire is permitted and where a chain link fence is used, the upper remaining link shall be made smooth so as not to cause injury.
(Ord. 3714, passed 8-4-1961)