§ 1434.01  DEFINITIONS.
   As used in this chapter:
   (a)   COLLAPSIBLE AWNING.  Any roof-like structure attached to a building and projecting over a thoroughfare, so constructed and erected as to permit its being rolled or folded back to a position flat against the building.
   (b)   FIXED AWNING.  Any rigid roof-like structure other than a marquee attached to a building in an immovable position and projecting over a thoroughfare.
   (c)   CANOPY.  Any roof-like structure having a rigid frame erected over an entrance to a building and attached to a building and attached to such building in such manner as not to become an integral part thereof.
   (d)   MARQUEE.  Any other permanent roof-like structure attached to the building and becoming an integral part thereof.
(Ord. 3233, passed l0-24-1956; Ord. O2012-21, passed 6-19-2012)