(a)   Where work covered by the plans required in § 1432.03 involves construction or building service equipment that is hazardous or complex, or for other good reason requires special or expert supervision, the architect who signed such plans or professional engineer who affixed his or her seal thereto, or made the plans or computations for such work, shall supervise the work and be responsible for its conformity with the plans as they relate to safety and sanitation. Where the architect or professional engineer is not available, another architect or professional engineer, or other qualified person, shall perform the required supervision.
   (b)   Where such special supervision has been performed, the person performing it shall make and file with the Superintendent of Inspection a certificate that he or she has done so and that the completed work conforms with the plans. Such certificate may be in lieu of inspection by the Superintendent, provided that this section shall not be construed to deprive the Superintendent of jurisdiction over the inspection of the work or to prohibit him or her from making inspection, should he or she feel that such inspection is necessary to assure compliance with the plans therefor.
(Ord. 4216, passed 7-6-1965)