(a)   No person shall do any plumbing work (as defined in § 1428.01) in the City, except in cases of repairs or leaks, without a permit being first issued therefor by the Superintendent of Inspection. Applications for permits shall be made on blank forms provided by the Superintendent, by the owner of the property or by the master plumber contracting for the work.
   (b)   Unless otherwise specified, permits shall be required for all new work, regardless of its size or character, and for all work of remodeling, extension, alteration or reconstruction. A permit is also required for all systems of plumbing changed from cesspool or septic tank to sewer, and such plumbing systems shall he inspected and tested in such manner as will insure the efficiency of the system. A permit is required for the replacing of any old plumbing fixture or water heater.
   (c)   Permits shall not be required for the repairing of any old fixture, faucet or valve to be used for the same purpose, for forcing out stoppage, or for repairing leaks or relieving frozen pipes or fittings. However, such repairs or alterations shall not be construed to include cases where new vertical or horizontal lines of soil, waste, vent or interior leader or conductor pipes are used or their relative locations changed, provided that, in a building condemned by the proper authorities because of unsanitary conditions of the house drainage or plumbing, no such drainage or plumbing shall be considered as coming under the head of repairs, but all such house drainage or plumbing shall be done as in the case of new buildings, and shall require a permit.
   (d)   All plumbing, including the building sewer and water supply systems, shall be inspected by the Superintendent to assure compliance with the provisions of Chapter 1426 and all other applicable City ordinances, rules and regulations.
(Ord. 5309, passed 6-1-1971)