(a)   Every electrical installation provided for in § 1424.01 shall be subject to inspection and approval by an engineering expert, bureau or board designated as an inspection agency duly authorized by the City Council to make such inspection and approval. Any such expert, bureau, board or inspection agency shall be under the supervision and control of the Superintendent of Inspection.
   (b)   The electrical contractor shall notify the Superintendent at such time as any work is to be commenced. If the Superintendent requires plans for such work, these shall be submitted in duplicate if the same are not already on file as a part of the original building plans of the improvement. A permit for such work shall be obtained at that time. If plans are not required by the Superintendent, work may be commenced and a permit acquired at any time prior to rough-in installation. Inspection fees shall be paid at the time a permit is obtained.
   (c)   When the installation has been satisfactorily completed, the inspector shall issue a certificate of approval, a copy of which shall be transmitted to the Superintendent.
(Ord. 3231, passed 10-24-1956)