(a)   Chimneys, flues and smokestacks.
      (1)   All existing chimneys which upon inspection by the building official are found to be without flue lining and with open mortar joints that will permit smoke or flame to be discharged into the building, or that are so cracked as to be dangerous shall be made safe by the owner by means of a standard flue lining or with a corrosion-resistant metal pipe one inch less in diameter than the interior of the chimney with the entire annular space between the lining and the walls of the chimney filled with a cement mortar and otherwise repaired if necessary, or they shall be removed.
      (2)   Existing flues or smokestacks of metal that are corroded or improperly supported shall be replaced by the owner, unless suitable repairs are made by him or her.
   (b)   Heat producing appliances. In case the installation of an existing heat producing appliance, heating, ventilating, air-conditioning, blower or exhaust system does not conform to the requirements of this chapter for new installations, the Superintendent of Inspection shall order the owner to make such changes in the installation as may be necessary to remove existing fire hazards.
(Ord. 3230, passed 12-26-1956)