§ 1412.07  EXCEPTIONS.
   No provisions of this Title Four of this Part Fourteen - Building and Housing Code shall be interpreted to require that a licensed installer of heating systems, air-conditioning systems, air-cooling systems, refrigerating systems or other similar systems shall be licensed under any other City license requirement provision in order to do any of the following electrical work incidental to the maintenance of such systems, or to secure permits under any other title to do such electrical work, provided that such maintenance is made by or under the direct supervision of the registrant and in conformity with the provisions of this Title and rules and regulations promulgated thereunder, and all permits, inspections and approvals required by this Title are procured:
   (a)   Systems in dwelling houses and individual row houses.
      (1)   Maintenance of electrical controls, including thermostats, limit controls, pilot lights and ignition controls and controls for the operation of such systems; and
      (2)   Maintenance of electrical power service connections to motors or controls forming part of such systems.
   (b)   Other buildings or structures.
      (1)   The replacement of electrical equipment forming part of such systems with equipment of like type and capacity for the purpose of maintenance of such systems, and the connection of existing electrical terminal connections to such replacement equipment.
      (2)   Such electrical work shall be limited, under the provisions of divisions (a) and (b) hereof, to the specific circuit leading to and serving any such system.
(Ord. 3230, passed 12-26-1956)