Whenever any fence, structure or material prevents the use of any public sidewalk, the person erecting, constructing, altering or repairing the building or structure shall lay and maintain a suitable sidewalk with substantial handrails around the same, or a roofed sidewalk through the same. Where such a sidewalk is used, it shall not extend into a street more than one-fourth the width thereof between the curbs. In the Central Business District and wherever else it may be deemed necessary by the Superintendent of Inspection, such sidewalk shall be located within the width of the permanent sidewalk and shall be substantially roofed over and protected at the sides with at least a clear height of eight feet under such roof. All walls, roofs and other parts of such enclosure shall be of plank and constructed in a manner satisfactory to the Superintendent. All sidewalks shall be at least four feet wide in the clear, and where in the opinion of the Superintendent the traffic requires, he shall require greater width. All sidewalks roofed over shall be lighted by electric light at night. All such sidewalk construction shall be as prescribed by the Superintendent.
(Ord. 3229, passed 10-24-1956; Am. Ord. O2007-62, passed 9-4-2007)