§ 1408.03  TESTS.
   (a)   Loading.  No person shall load any structure, temporary support, scaffolding, sidewalk bridge or sidewalk shed or any other device or construction equipment during the construction or demolition of any building or structure in excess of its safe working capacity, as such capacity is determined in the BOCA Abridged Building Code, as adopted in § 1402.01.
   (b)   Unsafe equipment.  Whenever any doubt arises as to the structural quality or strength of scaffolding plank or other construction equipment, such material shall be replaced, provided, however, that the Superintendent of Inspection may accept a strength test to two and one-half times the superimposed live load to which the material or structural member is to be subjected.  The member shall sustain the test load without failure.
(Ord. 3229, passed 10-24-1956)