(A)   Except as otherwise provided in divisions (F) and (G), an accessory use which is clearly incidental and secondary to the principal permitted use of the premises or structure shall be allowed; provided that such accessory use shall be located on the same lot to which it applies.
   (B)   No accessory buildings or structures shall be located nearer than ten feet to a principal building unless such accessory buildings or structure are structurally attached to the principal building.
   (C)   Regardless of the provisions of Table of Zoning District Dimensional Regulations concerning Accessory Buildings - Minimum Distance in Feet to Side Lot Lines and Rear Lot Line, § 603, any accessory structure, having 150 square feet or less floor area with a maximum height of 15 feet shall be permitted to be placed no closer than five feet to any lot line in the required rear yard. Provided, however, that no accessory structure, pen or enclosure used for keeping animals shall be permitted closer to a property line than the distance permitted for accessory buildings in the Table.
   (D)   No accessory building or structure, except signs as allowed by Article 12, and satellite dish antennas and communication towers as allowed by Article 25 shall be located in any required front yard.
   (E)   Vending machines, newsstands, soft drink machines, etc., shall be considered to be accessory structures and shall not be placed within the right-of-way of streets, attached to a utility pole, or located within any required off-street parking and loading facility. Such structures are permitted only if attached to or abutting a building, upon a sidewalk or exterior mall adjacent to a building, or within pedestrian areas associated with a building.
   (F)   Farm-promotion accessory uses are allowed by obtaining a special use permit from the Board of Review. Such uses are subject to applicable requirements and conditions of farm-promotion accessory uses, as well as to any conditions imposed by the Board under conditions on variances and special use permits.
   (G)   A tent erected and maintained for not more than 30 days, or for up to nine months under successive licenses issued by the building official under the tent chapter (Town Code, Chapter 101), shall be considered an accessory structure and shall be allowed as a matter of right in all districts. All other tents exceeding 120 square feet in area shall require a special-use permit from the Zoning Board of Review, which is expressly authorized, after considering the requirements for special-use permits under § 902, to allow the tent to be located on the lot containing the principal use or on an undeveloped lot.
(Ord. passed 10-30-06; Am. Ord. 09-18, passed 11-2-09)