(a)   “Tethering” means a rope, chain, cord, dog run or pulley, or similar restraint for holding an animal in place, allowing a radius in which it can move about.
   (b)   The tethered animal shall be:
      (1)   Provided a house or shelter that will provide shade, protection from snow, rain, or other inclement weather.
      (2)   Provided adequate water and food on a daily basis. Water shall be provided on an “as needed” basis.
      (3)   Attached by a tether that is a minimum of 20 feet in length.
      (4)   Provided access to a surface of grass, properly drained, with enough area to permit the animal to freely move about without risk of entanglement or to cause injury.
   (c)   The tethered animal shall not:
      (1)   Be allowed to continuously bark or make other noise that can be heard on the surrounding property.
      (2)   Enter the property of another.
      (3)   Have a tether attached with a prong type, pinch type, or choke type collar, or a collar that will cause injury to the animal.
   (d)   No animal will be tethered if a law enforcement officer requests that the tether not be used as a result of this section.
   (e)   Whoever violates this section is guilty of a minor misdemeanor on the first offense, a misdemeanor of the fourth degree on the second offense, and a misdemeanor of the first degree on the third or any subsequent offense. Notwithstanding the foregoing penalties, if an animal becomes sick or injured as a result of a violation of this section, then whoever violates this section is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree.
(Ord. 2015-O-25. Passed 11-24-15.)