In addition to the standards and regulations set forth in the Ohio Fire Code as adopted by the City, the following additional regulations shall apply to fire lanes and speed control devices located in the City:
   (a)   Fire Lanes. Establishment and use:
      (1)   The minimum allowable width for any fire lane shall be sixteen feet, except where the fire lane is a two-directional drive, in which case such fire lane shall be not less than twenty feet in width.
      (2)   The minimum allowable radius shall be twenty feet at the intersections of all driveways, thruways, roadways or any other means of ingress for fire apparatus.
      (3)   A fire lane shall have not less than one foot of width for each foot of outside building wall height, subject to a minimum width of sixteen feet and a maximum required width of forty feet.
      (4)   In the event that any fire lane has to be blocked for an extended period of time due to normal work procedures or extenuating circumstances (two hours or more), the Fire Chief and/or the Chief of Police, or any of their subordinate officers, shall be notified of such condition.
      (5)   A fire lane shall be preserved and no person shall park a vehicle in such fire lane adjacent to or parallel with any multifamily, commercial, industrial, professional, recreational, public assembly, educational or business building, except for brief periods for purposes of drop off or pick-up in areas acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction.
      (6)   No parking area shall be so laid out where parked vehicles in such area would interfere with fire lanes and every parking area shall have a separate entrance and an exit way.
      (7)   All areas designated as fire lanes and "no parking" areas shall be properly identified by adequate signs and markings so designated by the authority having jurisdiction, supplied and installed by the property owner.
      (8)   In addition to signs and markings required in paragraph (7) hereof, all designated fire lane areas shall be marked with traffic paint as designated by the authority having jurisdiction in paragraph (7) hereof.
            All signs required by paragraph (7) hereof shall be spaced in such a manner as to properly identify such designated fire lanes. Normal spacing shall be not more than seventy feet apart nor less than fifty feet apart. Special circumstances may indicate less distance, more distance or additional or different types of style of signs by the authority having jurisdiction.
      (9)   Enforcement of this section shall be the responsibility of the Police Department and/or the Fire Department.
      (10)   Penalties for violations of any of the provisions of this section shall be as follows:
         A.   For the first offense, one hundred dollars ($100.00);
         B.   For the second offense occurring within twelve months of the first offense, two hundred fifty dollars ($250.00); and
         C.   For the third and all subsequent offenses occurring within twelve months of the second offense, a fine of not more than five hundred dollars ($500.00).
      (11)   In addition to the penalties provided in paragraph (10) hereof, any vehicle found in violation of any of the provisions of this section shall be towed away.
   (b)   Speed Control Devices.
      (1)   No owner or operator of any building, apartment or other structure in the City that has designated fire lanes shall have any type of traffic control device or speed bump that does not conform with the specifications in the "Speed Control Device" diagram set forth below. The materials to be used to construct the speed control devices shall conform to the latest edition of the State of Ohio Department of Transportation Construction and Materials Specifications Manual.
      (2)   The failure of any owner or operator to remove nonconforming speed control devices from designated fire lanes upon order of the Fire Department shall subject such owner or operator to the penalties set forth in Section 1610.99. The installation of nonconforming speed control devices in designated fire lanes by any owner or operator shall also subject such owner or operator to the penalties set forth in Section 1610.99.
(Ord. 2017-O-28. Passed 10-10-17.)