(a)   The Community Room located in the northerly half of the Municipal Building shall be used first for City-related business.
   (b)   When the Community Room has not been reserved by or is not required by the City, it may be used as a meeting area for established clubs, organizations and recognized nonprofit groups whose membership includes Mentor-on-the-Lake residents and also by non-residents and for profit corporations and not for profit corporations that do not include a Mentor-on-the-Lake resident.
(Ord. 97-O-06. Passed 9-9-97; Ord. 2019-O-39. Passed 11-26-19.)
   (c)   The Community Room may be reserved for use by Mentor-on-the-Lake residents, City businesses and their employees and by nonresidents and by for profit and nonprofit corporations for a nonrefundable fee on any day during which the Community Room is not reserved or required by the City for City-related business.
(Ord. 2000-O-03. Passed 2-8-00; Ord. 2019-O-39. Passed 11-26-19.)
   (d)   Use of the Community Room is subject to the conditions of use provided with the application form for rental thereof.
   (e)   All fees collected for use of the Community Room will be used to cover general expenses, janitorial services and maintenance of the Room.
(Ord. 97-O-06. Passed 9-9-97.)