A.   1.   The application for a Municipal Waste Hauler License shall be made to the McHenry County Department of Health on the appropriate form. The application shall include the following:
         a.   A completed McHenry County Municipal Waste Hauler Licensing Application;
         b.   Payment as determined in subsections E. and F. below.
      2.   The municipal waste hauler shall comply with the provisions of this Ordinance pending action by the Department on the license.
   B.   The Department shall provide license renewal forms to the licensed hauler at least sixty (60) calendar days prior to the expiration of the licensed hauler’s current annual license. The requirements in § 8.24.070A. shall be completed and received, by the Department, prior to the expiration of a licensed hauler’s current license.
   C.   As part of the license application, the municipal waste hauler shall report the number of said vehicles utilized by the municipal waste hauler in McHenry County and where such vehicles are kept when not in use.
   D.   Payment of all fees must accompany the license application or license renewal. No fees shall be refunded. The following annual fees shall be required:
      1.   a.   Municipal Solid Waste Hauler operating in McHenry County: $50.00
         b.   For each vehicle operated in McHenry County: $25.00
      2.   Fees for licenses issued between July 1 and December 31 are 50% of the annual licensing fee.
      3.   Conditional License Fee: $50.00. Conditional license fees are in addition 1o annual license fees. See § 8.24.100A.
   E.   License renewal applications submitted after December 31 shall be subject to a 50% late fee.
   F.   License applications submitted after commencing services within McHenry County shall be subject to a 100% penalty fee.
   G.   Payment of the fees together with the payment of any penalties shall not bar other enforcement action by the County.
(Ord. O-200106-10-41, passed 6-19-2001; Ord. O-201411-51-046, § 402, passed 11-18-2014)