(A)   Landscaping. See section 3.8.13 of this title.
   (B)   Accessory dwelling units may be rented by obtaining approval per section 3.13.036 of this title.
   (C)   The commission may approve smaller individual lots in a multiple lot subdivision if the average size meets the minimum size values shown in table 3.3.03 in this chapter. See also chapter 10, "Planned Unit Development", of this title.
   (D)   Home occupation (see definitions, chapter 2 of this title). An occupation which complies with the following criteria shall be deemed a home occupation:
      1.   The use, including all storage space, shall occupy not more than fifty percent (50%) of the residence's floor area which is finished for living purposes.
      2.   There shall be no commercial advertising, except one nonluminous sign bearing the name and occupation of the resident, not exceeding two (2) square feet in area, and placed flat against the building.
      3.   No materials or mechanical equipment shall be used which will be detrimental to the residential use of said residence or surrounding residences because of vibration, noise, dust, smoke, odor, interference with radio or television reception, or other factors.
      4.   Materials or commodities delivered to or from the residence which are of such bulk and quantity as to require delivery by a commercial motor vehicle or a trailer, or the parking of customer's automobiles in a manner or frequency causing disturbance or inconvenience to nearby residents or so as to necessitate a parking lot, shall be prima facie evidence that the occupation is a primary business, and not a home occupation. "Commercial motor vehicle", for these purposes, shall not be said to include a united parcel service or federal express delivery or other like courier services and parcel post services, making deliveries to the subject property with a frequency not uncommon in residential neighborhoods.
   (E)   Residential development shall provide open space in the amount of one hundred (100) square feet per bedroom in excess of one (1) bedroom per dwelling unit. (Ord. 821, 2-23-2006, eff. 3-16-2006; amd. Ord. 998, 1-14-2021)