Snowmobiles, Off-Highway Motorcycles and All-Purpose Vehicles
375.01   Definitions.
375.02   Equipment.
375.03   Code application; prohibited operation.
375.04   Permitted operation.
375.05   Licensing requirements of operator.
375.06   Accident reports.
375.07   Local control within police power.
375.08   Registration of vehicles.
375.09   Operation of off-highway motorcycle or all-purpose vehicle without certificate of title; failure to surrender.
375.10   Exception; emergencies.
375.99   Penalty.
   See section histories for similar State law
   Power of court to impound registration certificates for certain violations - see Ohio R.C. 4519.47
   Street or highway defined - see TRAF. 301.44
   Operation on bicycle paths - see TRAF. 331.39
   Bicycles and motorcycles generally - see TRAF. Ch. 373
   Required usage of helmets and safety glasses - see TRAF. 373.10