Ord. No.   Date    Description
   11-18-1845   Part of Knaggs St.
   4-22-1846   Part of Lucas St.
   4-27-1847   Part of Ford St.
   12-7-1857   Part of Hubble St.
   8-2-1858   Part of Walter St. from Erie St. to Key St.
   11-12-06   Part of Knaggs, Regnor, Scott and Second Sts.
   12-4-08   Alley in block bounded by Broadway, White, Erie and Elizabeth Sts.
   1-10-10   Lucas St. from Canal to Wolcott St.
   9-28-10   Part of Sackett St.
   12-28-10   Part of Sophia St.
   4-6-11   North and south alley in block bounded by Wayne, White, Broadway and Jackson Sts.
   6-30-13   Part of Ressnor St. from Detroit St. to Canal.
   3-15-15   Eighth St. between Michigan Ave. and Scott St., and Corey, Pierce and Askin Sts. between Seventh St. and Eighth St.
   2-7-16   Hunt St. and an alley in the "Old Court House Grounds."
   6-5-16   Part of Pratt St.
   9-5-15   Part of alley between Cass St. and Allen St.
   10-23-16   Alley between Lots 100 and 101, lst plat of Maumee, from Wayne St. to alley.
   10-23-16   Park of Askin and Division Sts.
   12-7-17   Hunt St. between Williams and Sophia Sts.
   12-20-17   Portion of alley between Conant and Gibbs Sts.
   9-7-15   Sophia St. between Canal and Wolcott Sts.; Clinton St. between Canal and Key Sts.
   4-3-22   Part of Cross Alley between Broadway, Wayne, Gibbs and Elizabeth Sts.
   1-15-23   Part of Key St. between Wolcott St. and water Lots 28 & 29 in Hunt and Beaugrand Addition; also part of Sophia St. between Key St. and east line of private grant 595.
   9-17-23   Part of alley in block bounded by Conant, Allen, Broadway and Harrison Ave.
   3-3-24   Alley north from Broadway to Wayne St. between Kingsbury and Cass Sts.
   6-9-24   Part of alley in block bounded by Wayne, Dudley, Elizabeth and White Sts.
   12-30-29   Alley south of Broadway St. between Ford St. and westerly line of Beebe, Keep and Kirkland's Addition.
   12-3-29   Alleys in Carll's Second Subdivision.
   4-25-28   Portion of Key St.
   12-12-27   Part of Askin St. between Fifth St. and Canal.
   12-12-59   Second St. between Michigan Ave. and Corey St.; Water St. between Michigan Ave. and Corey St.
   4-18-37   Part of White St. from Broadway to Harrison Ave.
   9-22-26   Part of Riverside Dr.
   12-7-25   Part of alley between Conant and Gibbs Sts.
   8-3-25   Cass St. from Harrison Ave. to Front St.
   7-6-25   Part of Second St. from Water St. to Michigan Ave. and part of Water St.
   7-6-25   Eighth St. between Wall St. and Michigan Ave.
   12-5-32   Part of Monclova Rd.
   11-7-32   Part of Water St. between Ransom and Wall Sts.
3-37   1-18-37   Alley between Lots 136 and 137 in Hunt and Beaugrand's Addition from East Williams St. to alley on north side of said Lots 136 and 137
58-35   6-3-35   Alley bounded by Harrison Ave., Elizabeth, Front and Gibbs Sts.
11-41   4-21-41   Part of alley north of Indiana Ave. and East of Conant St.
19-42   6-1-42   Alley between West Broadway and West Harrison Ave. from Duane St. to Ford St.
8-45   6-11-45   Alley between Lots 148, 149 and 150 in Hunt and Beaugrand's Addition.
11-45   8-20-45   Alley between Lots 9 and 10 in Chloe Gibbs Addition.
12-45   8-20-45   Sophia St. from Conant to Gibbs Sts.; and Gibbs St. from Anthony Wayne Trail and Clinton St. (See Ord. 14-1954).
22-45   12-6-45   East and west alley from E. John St. to E. Dudley St.
33-47   12-29-47   4th St. from Askin St. to easterly line of Lot #59 in Brown's Addition.
5-48   1-19-48   2nd St. from Askin St. to Pierce St.
6-48   1-19-48   Duane St. from Harrison Ave. to Front St.
9-48   3-15-48   Alley between Williams St. and Sophia St. from Jackson St. to Waite Ave.
5b-49   5-16-49   6th St. from Askin St. to Pierce St.
7-49   8-1-49   4th St. from Askin St. to Pierce St.
8-49   8-15-49   Alley between Lot 1 and Hunt's Addition and Lot 2 of First Original Plat of Maumee from Harrison Ave. to Front St.
9-49   10-17-49   Spring St. from Clinton St. to Anthony Wayne Trail.
10-49   10-17-49   Waite Ave. from Clinton St. to Anthony Wayne Trail.
20-50   2-6-50   Alley between Broadway and Dudley Sts.
23-50   3-20-50   Alley between Lots 118 and 119 of Hunt and Beaugrand's Addition.
26-50   5-8-50   Vacant alley between Lots 142 and 143 in Hunt and Beaugrand's Addition.
38-50   9-5-50   Alley between Lots 67 and 68 in Hunt and Beaugrand's Addition from E. Wayne St. north to alley.
43-50   10-2-50   Hunt St. from Sophia St. to Anthony Wayne Trail.
49-50   11-20-50   2nd St. from Corey St. to Pierce St.
11-51   5-7-51   Clinton St. from Hunt St. to Spring St. and from Spring St. to Waite Rd.
15-51   6-4-51   Part of Valley Drive.
38-52   4-28-52   Alley between Lots 13 and 14 in Manitou Grounds.
47-52   6-16-62   Ford St. between Indiana Ave. and Sophia St. and part of alley between Duane St. and Salisbury Rd.
57-52   8-18-52   Alley between Lot 1 through 16, Block 44 in Hunt's Addition.
59-52   8-18-52   Alley between Broadway and Wayne St.
69-52   11-17-52   Woods Ave. from Ford St. to easterly line of Bachelder's Subdivision.
53-53   6-1-53   Alley between Lots 18, 19, 20 and 21 in Carll's Second Subdivision.
72-53   7-13-53   Front St. between Michigan St. and Wall St. subject to easement.
14-54   1-18-52   Reopen portion of Gibbs St. which was vacated on 8-20-45 (See Ord. 1945-12).
37-54   5-3-54   Part of Kumler Dr., Grand Valley Dr. and History Dr.
67-54   9-20-54   North-south alley from north side of East Dudley St. to east and west alley between East John and East Williams St. in Hunt and Beaugrand's Addition.
72-54   10-4-54   4th St. between Tappan St. and Farrer St.
21-55   3-21-55   Part of 5th St.
65-55   6-6-55   North-south alley from 7th St. to Meadow St. between Hugo St. and Anderson St. in Maumee Gardens Addition.
6-56   2-6-56   Water St. between Ransom St. and Tappan St.
24-57   2-4-57   Part of east-west alley between Elizabeth St. and White St.
68-58   6-2-58   John St. from Ford St. to River Tract #23.
84-60   6-6-60   East Sophia St. between Gibbs and Elizabeth Sts.
15-62   1-15-62   Alley adjacent to Lots 6 and 7 in Hunt's Addition between W. Harrison St. and West Front St.
81-62   5-21-62   Alley adjacent to Lots 39 to 56 in Bachelder's Subdivision.
14-63   2-18-63   Part of Kumler Dr. to plat of Grand Valley Park.
27-63   4-1-63   Alley adjacent to Lots 1, 12 & 13 in Carll's Subdivision.
41-63   5-6-63   Alley adjacent to Lots 1 to 6 and 7 to 12 in Carll's Subdivision.
42-63   5-6-63   Burns Ave. adjacent to Lots 4 & 5 in Sackett Addition and Lots 1, 12, 13 and 24 in Carll's Subdivision.
70-63   7-1-63   Alley adjacent to Lots 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 in Block 29, Hunt's Addition.
71-63   7-1-63   Part of Waite Ave. and Clinton St.
72-63   7-1-63   Part of Waite Ave. and Clinton St.
91-63   9-16-63   North and south alley adjacent to northerly 1/2 of Lots 164 and 165 in Hunt and Beaugrand's Addition and lying between Indiana Ave. and east-west alley between Jackson St. and Hunt St.
77-1965   5-17-65   Portion of McIntire Lane.
3-1966   1-3-66   Alley adjacent to Lots 7 and 8, Maumee First Plat.
47-1966   3-14-66   Portion of Askin St.
52-1966   3-14-66   Portion of Indiana Ave.
55-1966   4-4-66   Portion of alley running between Gibbs St. and Elizabeth St. lying between E. Broadway St. and E. Harrison St.
141-1966   8-1-66   Portion of Farrer St.
120-1971   11-1-71   A north-south alley adjacent to Lots B and 21 of Maumee Meadows, Plat I, Lot 25, Carll's Subdiv. and north of Alter Ave.
121-1971   11-1-71   A north-south alley adjacent to Lot A of Maumee Meadows, Plat I, Alter Ave. and Lot 24, Carll's Subdiv.; on east-west alley adjacent to Lot A, 6, 7, and 8 of Maumee Meadows, Plat I, Lots 19 through 24, Carll's Subdiv. and Lots 7 and 8, Sackett Addition.
151-1973   10-1-73   Duane St. from the northeasterly prolongation of the n.w, right-of-way line formerly owned by the Ohio Electric Railroad Co., southwesterly; Indiana Ave. from Ford St. to the westerly side of Duane St. extended; and public alley adjacent to Lots 9 through 14 and 24 through 28, Bachelder's Subdivision.
7-1981   1-5-81   Portion of alley west of Ford St.
86-1981   7-6-81   Alley between Elizabeth St. and White St. and running north/south between Harrison St. and the Canal Lands.
87-1981   7-6-81   Portion of Harrison St. between Elizabeth St. and White St.
76-1983   5-16-83   Portions of Indiana Ave., Duane St. and an alley adjacent to Duane St.
120-1983   9-6-83   All of Ryan Rd.
145-1984   9-17-84   Portion of Askin St.
47-1986   4-7-86   Portion of Marley Rd.
80-1986   5-19-86   Portion of Salisbury Rd. and Ford St.
120-1986   8-4-86   Portion of Cass St. between W. Sophia St. and Anthony Wayne Trail.
11-1988   1-18-88   Portion of Holland Rd.
146-1988   11-21-88   Portions of E. Harrison St. and White St.
89-1989   6-5-89   Amends Ord. 146-1988.
111-1989   8-7-89   Portion of Allen St.
180-1989   12-18-89   Portion of the former River Rd.
26-1990   3-5-90   Portions of Pierce St., Water St. and First St.
55-1990   5-7-90   Portions of Indian Wood Circle, Timber Line Rd. and Woodlands Dr.
73-1990   6-4-90   Amends Ordinance 26-1990, regarding Pierce St.
82-1990   6-18-90   Amends Ordinance 55-1990.
121-1990   8-2-90   Portion of Waite Ave.
106-1991   8-19-91   Portion of Mapletree Dr.
135-1991   10-7-91   Portion of Rosamond St.
17-1992   2-17-92   Portion of Allen St.
98-1994   7-18-94   Portion of Allen St., amending Ordinance 17-1992.
22-1995   2-6-95   Certain drives and parking areas near River Rd.
79-1995   5-1-95   Portion of Rosamond St., between Sophia St., and Anthony Wayne Trail.
84-1995   5-15-95   Portion of Osage Dr.
140-1995   9-5-95   N-S alley between Lots 106 and 107, Block 10, Ewing and Rowan’s Addition.
157-95   9-18-95   Portion of Case St., north of W. Sophia St., west of Lot 10, Block 14, Ewing and Rowan’s Addition.
79-1995   5-6-96   Portion of Fifth St., east of Tappan St., near Lot 13.
199-1995   12-4-95   Portion of Cass St.
183-1996   11-4-96   Portion of Duane St.
223-1997   12-1-97   Portion of alley between Kingsbury St. and Cass St. north of W. Harrison St.
224-1997   12-1-97   Portion of alley between Kingsbury St. and Cass St. north of W. Harrison St.
122-1998   8-17-98   Portion of alley north of W. Wayne St. near Lot 46.
157-1998   9-21-98   Portion of Wall St. south of River Rd.
158-1998   9-21-98   Portion of Wall St. south of River Rd.
195-1998   11-2-98   Portion of May St. between Lots 198 and 199.
125-1999   9-7-99   Vacates alley between Lots 55 and 56 of Hunt & Beaugrand’s Addition.
126-1999   9-7-99   Vacates easterly 8.25 ft. of N-S alley adjacent to Lots 55 and 56 of Hunt & Beaugrand’s Addition.
5-2000   1-3-00   E-W alley between Broadway and Harrison Sts. from Conant St. to Allen St.
36-2000   2-21-00   Portion of Elizabeth St. between William St. and Anthony Wayne Trail near Lot 9, Block 13, Hunt & Beaugrands Addition.
37-2000   2-21-00   Alley behind 308 and 314 Dudley St.
73-2000   5-1-00   E-W public alley between E. Broadway and E. Wayne Sts., abutting Lots 54-58 and 84-87, Maumee First Plat.
39-2001   3-5-01   Portion of Hunt St. between Indiana Ave. and the Anthony Wayne Trail.
178-2001   11-5-01   Portion of Duane St. between Anthony Wayne Trail and West William St.
30-2002   2-18-02   Vacating certain portion of Duane St. from its intersection with Sophia St.
135-2002   8-19-02   Portion of Waite Ave. between Harrison St. and Broadway St.
148-2002   9-3-02   Portion of Rosamond St. between W. William St. and the Anthony Wayne Trail.
215-2002   12-16-02   Portion of Reynolds Rd.
12-2003   1-21-03   Portion of certain alley (part of Lots 25-27, with alley adjoining in First or Original Plat of Town of Maumee).
203-2004   7-6-04   Certain portion of Cass Street north of Sophia Street.
204-2004   7-6-04   Certain portion of Cass Street south of Harrison Street.
180-2005   9-6-05   Certain portion of Front St.
99-2007   7-16-07   River Rd. r-o-w between Wayne St. and E. Dudley St.
166-2008   11-17-08   Vacation of certain r-o-w of Rosamond St. between W. William St. and the Anthony Wayne Trail.
70-2010   7-6-10   Vacation of certain right-of-way of East Harrison Street.
59-2011   5-2-11   Vacation of unimproved portion of Askin Street.
099-2012   5-21-12   Vacation of certain portion of Reynolds Road in the City of Maumee, repealing Ordinance No. 215-2002.
215-2012   12-17-12   Vacation of unimproved portion of right of way of 1425 Reynolds Road.
218-2015   12-21-15   Vacation of unimproved portion of 16.50 foot wide alley right of way in Block 14 of Ewing & Rowan’s Addition.
026-2016   2-15-16   Vacation of unimproved portion of 16.50 foot wide alley right of way in Block 14 of Ewing & Rowan’s Addition in the City.
065-2019   4-15-19   Vacation of certain alley between East Broadway Street and East Wayne Street between certain points.