EDITOR'S NOTE: Plat approvals authorized by the Municipal Planning Commission without Council action are excluded from this list and are on file in the office of the Municipal Clerk.
Ord. No.   Date   Description
   5-29-1843   Open Water and Tappan Sts.
   11-18-1845   Open portion of Detroit Turnpike.
   3-5-1888   Bachelder's Subdivision of Lots 9 and 14 of Young's Subdivision of Grant No. 682, Waynesfield Township.
   9-28-10   Caldwell's Subdivision.
   2-6-11   Grade Conant St.
   2-2-14   Appropriates and dedicates "Old Court House" for park.
   4-5-15   Maumee Valley Gardens
   9-7-15   Miami Manor.
   6-19-16   Fort Miami Addition.
   8-7-16   Maniton Grounds.
   3-19-17   Brown's Addition.
   10-20-19   Amended plat of Maniton Grounds.
   1-19-20   Carisbrook
   12-6-20   Phillip's Subdivision.
   3-10-24   Trotter-Whelan Plat #1.
93-53   11-16-53   Town St. and Country Blvd.
1954-14   1-18-54   Reopen part of Gibbs St. which was vacated on 8-20-45 (Ord. 1945- 12).
135-55   11-21-55   Shellview Drive.
95-61   11-20-61   Village Trail Drive extension.
57-64   7-20-64   River Heights Subdivision.
84-1965   6-10-65   Accepts dedication of streets in Trail Ridge Subdivision.
100-1966   5-16-66   Directs subscription of Floral Valley Plats IV and V final plats for street purposes.
37-1967   2-20-67   Dedicates public street between Illinois Ave. and the right of way of the Norfolk and Western Railway Co.
170-1968   12-16-68   Dedicates public street adjacent to Detroit Ave.
26-1969   2-17-69   Dedicates part of Kingsbury St.
27-1972   2-21-72   Dedicates public street between Reynolds Rd. and Holland Rd.
67-1972   6-5-72   Dedicates part of public street adjacent to Monclova Rd.
42-1975   3-17-75   Dedicates Dussel Dr. between Reynolds Rd. and Cass Rd.
28-1977   3-7-77   Dedicates part of Dussel Dr. between Reynolds Rd. and Holland Rd.
70-1977   6-20-77   Dedicates Chesterfield Lane.
109-1978   10-16-78   Dedicates public street between Holland Rd. and Salisbury Rd.; naming the street as Dussel Dr.
59-1979   4-16-79   Dedicates pt. of Salisbury Rd.
141-1984   9-4-84   Dedicates part of Osage Dr.
95-1985   6-17-85   Dedicates part of Ford St.
71-1986   5-5-86   Dedicates Arrowhead Rd.
29-1987   2-16-87   Dedicates Arrowhead Rd.
65-1988   5-16-88   Accepts and dedicates right of way from the Bd. of Education Maumee City School District.
93-1988   7-18-88   Accepts and dedicates Eppstein Park.
51-1989   4-3-89   Dedicates and names Lance Pointe Dr.
189-1995   11-20-95   Accepts and dedicates certain streets, alleys and public ways within City.
87-1996   6-3-96   Accepts and dedicates certain streets, alleys and public ways within City.
201-1996   12-2-96   Accepts and dedicates portion of Marketplace Dr.
19-1997   1-21-97   Amends Exhibit A of Ord. 189-1995, accepting and dedicating certain streets, alleys and public ways.
173-1997   9-2-97   Accepts, opens and dedicates Beaver Creek Circle.
170-2001   10-1-01   Dedicating and opening Russell Rd.
24-2006   2-6-06   Accepting and dedicating Carew Lane and adjacent parts of Detroit Avenue and River Road, between certain points, as set forth in Exhibits A and B, attached to Ord. 24-2006.
146-2007   10-1-07   Dedicates and opens Fallen Timbers Lane, north of Russell Rd.