(a)    No proposal for the construction of a new wireless telecommunication tower shall be approved unless the applicant documents that the antenna planned for the proposed tower cannot reasonably be accommodated on an existing structure on public property, on an existing, conforming co location tower or structure, or on a utility pole within the applicant's search ring transcending the municipal borders for the purpose of providing service to the residents and businesses of the City, due to one or more of the following:
      (1)   The antenna would exceed the structural capacity of an existing tower or building; (new tower antenna support structures must be constructed to support at least three (3) additional users).
      (2)    The antenna would cause interference with other existing or planned equipment at the tower or building;
      (3)   Existing or approved towers and buildings which cannot reasonably accommodate the antenna at a height necessary to provide service to the residents and businesses of the City:
      (4)   Existing or approved towers and commercial buildings are outside of the documented search area; or
      (5)   The owners or lessors of the existing or approved towers and buildings seem unwilling to allow co location upon their facilities.
   (b)    No new telecommunication tower shall be constructed within one mile from any existing telecommunication tower. Separation distances shall be calculated and applied irrespective of jurisdictional boundaries. Documentation shall be submitted with any request for a conditional use permit for a new telecommunication tower to demonstrate conformity with the separation requirements.    (Ord. 131-2015.  Passed 8-3-15.)