For purposes of this chapter, the following definitions shall apply:
   (a)   Accessory Equipment Structure:  A building or cabinet like structure located adjacent to or in the immediate vicinity of a wireless telecommunications tower or antenna to house equipment customarily incidental to the receiving or transmitting of wireless broadcasts, cellular telephone calls, wireless data transmission, voice messaging, and paging services.
   (b)   Antenna:  Equipment used for transmitting or receiving radio frequency signals which is attached to a tower, building, or other structure, usually consisting of a series of directional panels, microwave or satellite dishes, or omnidirectional "whip" antennas.
   (c)   Antenna Support Structure:  Any building, pole, telescoping mast, tower, tripod, or any other structure which supports an antenna.
   (d)   Base Transceiver Station: Equipment that provides the link between wireless communications and land based public telephone switching networks, including radio frequency transceivers, back up power amplifiers, and signal processing hardware, typically contained in a small building or cabinet.
   (e)   Co Location: The location of wireless telecommunications equipment from more than one provider on a common tower, building, or structure.
   (f)   Commercial Receiving and/or Transmitting Antenna: Any antenna erected to transfer information for commercial use.
   (g)   Mast:  The portion of the outside antenna system to which the antenna is attached and the support or extension required to elevate the antenna to a height deemed necessary for adequate operation.
   (h)   Personal Wireless Services:  Licensed commercial wireless communication services including cellular, personal communication services (PCS), enhanced specialized mobilized radio (EMR), paging, wireless data transmission, and similar service.
   (i)   Public Property:  Land, buildings, or other structures owned or operated by the City of Maumee or any other political subdivision or governmental unit.
   (j)   Telecommunications Facility: A facility for the provision of personal wireless services. The facility may include, but is not limited to, a tower, monopole, antenna or other ancillary equipment, or buildings used to deliver telecommunications services.
   (k)   Tower:  Any pole, spire, structure, or combination thereof to which antenna could be attached, or which is designed for an antenna to be attached, and all supporting lines, cables, wires, and braces.