In making its decision as to whether the proposed construction, reconstruction or alteration of any exterior architectural feature meets the standard of appropriateness set forth in Section 1335.07, the Board shall consider in addition to any other pertinent factors, the historical and architectural value and significance, architectural style, general design, arrangement, texture and material of the exterior architectural feature involved in relation to the exterior architectural features of other structures in the immediate neighborhood.  The Board shall examine the application, all data and evidence presented by the applicant of any type whatsoever, and shall examine any evidence presented by the owners of real estate in the immediate neighborhood of the proposed construction, reconstruction or alteration; provided, however, that notice of the application need not be given to such owners.  At least three members of the Board who are included in the quorum of the meeting of the Board at which an application is voted upon shall have viewed the site of the proposed construction, reconstruction or alteration of an architectural feature and this fact shall be certified in the proceedings of the Board.  The Mayor may appoint an advisory committee to the Board and the Board may call upon such advisory committee or members thereof for testimony and/or opinions regarding the matter under consideration.  The Board may request from the applicant such additional relevant information, plans, drawings, sketches, specifications, exterior elevations and data as it may require to make its determination.  The Board may recommend to the applicant changes in the plans that the Board considers desirable to make the exterior architectural feature involved appropriate and may accept his voluntary amendment of the application to include and reflect such changes.  No certificate of appropriateness shall be denied unless the applicant is granted a hearing, written notice of which shall be served upon the applicant either personally or by certified mail not less than five days in advance of the date set for the hearing.  No certificate shall be denied solely by reason of the applicant's choice of color for the proposed exterior architectural feature or any part thereof.  In the event the Board determines that a certificate should not be issued, the Board shall set forth on its records the precise and specific reasons for such determination and may include recommendations respecting the proposed construction, reconstruction or alteration of any exterior architectural feature to make the same appropriate.
(Ord. 95-1971.  Passed 10-4-71.)