(A)   The City Administrator, as Budget Officer, is authorized to adjust the budget within the fund or department level as long as the total impact of the changes do not exceed the original budget for the department or fund. The City Council must approve all changes that will exceed the total original budget for a department or fund by ordinance.
   (B)   The City Administrator and Treasurer will meet with department directors at the halfway mark of the fiscal year (after October monthly reports are issued), again after nine months and at the end of the year to discus actual fiscal results compared to the budget. Based on the analysis of the actual revenues and expenditures, all necessary budget amendments will be documented by department directors. Generally, line items that are expected to exceed the budget by greater than $1,000 will be adjusted given that a corresponding line item can be reduced so that the total budget of the department is not exceeded.
   (C)   All proposed changes that will exceed the originally passed department budget or fund budget must be presented in ordinance form to the City Council for approval.
(Ord. 2011-5318, passed 4-5-2011)