(A)   At least one public hearing shall be held by the City Council no sooner than 90 days but no later than 120 days from receipt of the application for site approval.
   (B)   Within 60 days of receipt of the application, the Mayor shall notify the applicant, in writing, of the scheduled public hearing date.
   (C)   The applicant shall be responsible for publishing notice of the public hearing in two newspapers of the largest general circulation in the city. The applicant shall also notify by certified mail all members of the General Assembly from the district in which the proposed site is located, and the agency.
   (D)   The public hearing shall develop a record sufficient to form the basis of appeal of the decision in accordance with ILCS Ch. 415, Act 5, § 40.1.
   (E)   The Mayor shall, with consent of the City Council, appoint an independent hearing officer to preside over and conduct the public hearing. The Mayor may request that the City Legal Counsel, the Coles County Regional Planning and Development Commission and the County Health Department be present at the hearing to assist the hearing officers.
   (F)   The hearing officer, based upon the application, written comments, transcript of the public hearing and other pertinent documents, shall determine compliance or noncompliance with the review criteria and make recommendations on site approval to the City Council no sooner than 30 days after the last public hearing but no later than 60 days after the last public hearing.
   (G)   Any time prior to completion by the applicant of the presentation of the applicant is factual evidence and an opportunity for cross-questioning by the City Council representatives and any participants, the applicant may file not more than one amended application upon payment of additional fees pursuant to § 52.50 in an additional period of 90 days.
(Ord. 2001-5096, passed 12-21-2001)