§ 33.095 MEMBERSHIP.
   The City Planning Commission authorized by this section shall consist of 11 members, with the power to vote so as to represent practically all the industrial, commercial, service, civil and labor interests. By virtue of their offices, the Superintendent of Schools, or his or her appointed designee, and the executive director of the Mattoon Chamber of Commerce shall be two of the 11 representing the community. Said 11 members are to be appointed by the Mayor, on the basis of their particular fitness or competency for their duty on said Commission, and who shall hold no other office in said city government, and such appointments are to be officially ratified by the City Council. The City Administrator, City Attorney and the City Building Inspector shall serve in an advisory capacity only, without the power to vote. Members of the Planning Commission shall reside within the City of Mattoon or within territory contiguous to the municipality and not more than one and one-half miles beyond the corporate limits and not included within any other municipality.
(Ord. 87-4557, passed 11-17-1987; Am. Ord. 98-4933, passed 3-3-1998; Am. Ord. 2010-5303, passed 6-1-2010)