§ 33.079 OFFICERS.
   (A)   At its first organizational meeting and at the first meeting of each calendar year thereafter, the Board shall select from its members a Chair and a Vice Chair. The Chair and the Vice Chair shall hold such respective positions while a member of the Board for the calendar year in which they are appointed, and until their respective successors are duly selected and qualified.
   (B)   The Chair, or in his or her absence, the Vice Chair shall preside over the meetings of the Board and shall exercise and perform such duties as are assigned to him or her by this section.
   (C)   In the event that both the Chair and the Vice Chair are absent, the remainder of the Board constituting a quorum shall appoint a Chair Pro Tempore, who shall perform the duties of the Chair for that meeting.
   (D)   The Chair of the Board shall appoint a Parliamentarian who shall serve until the first regularly scheduled meeting of the year following the appointment.
   (E)   The Public Works Director or his or her designee shall be Secretary of the Board. The Secretary shall be responsible for preparing the agenda for Board meetings in consultation with the Chair and providing public notice of the meetings of the Board. The Secretary shall take roll at the meetings of the Board and shall cause minutes to be kept, showing the vote of the Board members on each question and on the other official actions of the Board. The Secretary shall maintain copies of communications and reports considered by the Board.
(Ord. 2002-5136, passed 8-20-2002)