303.01   Compliance with lawful order of police officer; fleeing
303.02   Traffic direction in emergencies; obedience to school guards
303.03   Police may remove ignition key
303.04   Road workers, motor vehicles and equipment excepted
303.041   Emergency, public safety and coroner’s vehicles excepted
303.05   Application to persons riding, driving animals upon roadway
303.06   Freeway use prohibited by pedestrians, bicycles and animals
303.07   Application to drivers of government vehicles
303.08   Impounding of vehicles; redemption
303.09   Abandoned, junk or unlicensed motor vehicles
303.10   Storage of junk motor vehicles (Repealed)
303.11   Furnishing false information incident to traffic citation
303.12   Resisting an enforcing official
303.13   Suspension of driver’s license
303.99   General Traffic Code penalty
   Exceptions for emergency or public safety vehicles, see §§ 331.20, 333.06
Statutory reference:
   Citations for minor misdemeanors, see R.C. §§ 2935.26 et seq.
   Disposition of unclaimed vehicles, see R.C. §§ 737.32, 4513.62 et seq.
   Distinctive uniform required for traffic officers, see R.C. § 4549.15
   Marking motor vehicles used by traffic officers, see R.C. § 4549.13
   Power of trial court of record to suspend license for certain violations, see R.C. §§ 4510.05, 4510.15
   State point system suspension, see R.C. § 4510.037
   Uniform application of Ohio Traffic Law, see R.C. § 4511.06