General Provisions
   50.001   Definitions
   50.002   Reservation of city’s rights
   50.003   Receptacles required; specifications
   50.004   Receptacle with paper or plastic bag inserts
   50.005   Preparation of refuse for collection
   50.006   Approved methods of disposal
   50.007   Householder to provide and maintain receptacle; wrapping required
   50.008   Location of receptacle
   50.009   Littering
Licensing and Collection Regulations
   50.020   License to collect garbage or refuse, yard waste and recyclables required
   50.021   Application for license; approval
   50.022   Insurance required of licensee; certificate; liability coverage
   50.023   License expiration
   50.024   License fee
   50.025   License renewal
   50.026   License revocation
   50.027   Frequency of collection
   50.028   Collection vehicles; specifications, maintenance and loading
   50.029   Pick-up service; servicing of complaints
   50.030   Alternate drop-off site
   50.031   Parking of collection vehicles in residential districts
   50.032   Inspection of equipment
Volume-Based Garbage Collection; Specific Recyclables
   50.045   Volume-based charges
   50.046   Recycling required
   50.047   Right of city to designate recyclables
   50.048   Public education
   50.049   Filing of volume-based plan and reporting tonnage
Sanitary Landfill
   50.065   Designation as public disposal site
   50.066   Rules and regulations governing use
   50.067   Days of operation
   50.068   Operation
   50.069   Disposal of solid waste on designated site
   50.070   Compliance with Commission’s instructions
   50.071   Exclusion of certain materials
   50.072   Private payment for disposal
   50.073   Fees for use of facilities
   50.074   Enforcement
   50.999   Penalty