(A)   Number and Type of Chickens Allowed.  Chickens, with the exclusion of roosters and crowing hens, are limited to a maximum of six (6) chickens per household.  Property zoned Agricultural (A-1) are not subject to this limitation or the requirements specific to chicken coops and enclosures as described below in paragraph (B).
   (B)   Items Specific to Chicken Coops and Enclosures.
      (1)   Opening in windows and doors must be covered by wire mesh with one-half (1/2) inch or smaller openings to discourage predators.  The materials used to make the coop must be uniform for each element of the structure.  For example, all walls shall be made of the same material.  Chicken coops shall be constructed in a manner to avoid weathering.
      (2)   Chickens must be kept in a coop or fenced enclosure at all times.
      (3)   Coops and enclosures must be kept in a clean, dry, odor free, and sanitary manner at all times.
         (a)   No person or owner shall keep, or allow to be kept in a foul, offensive, nauseous or filthy condition, any chicken coop or fenced enclosure containing chickens.
         (b)   Odors from chickens, manure, or related substances shall not be detectable outside property lines.
         (c)   The chicken owner must provide for the storage and disposal of chicken waste.  Composting of the chicken waste is encouraged.  No more than three (3) cubic feet of chicken waste may be stored.  All other chicken waste not composted must be removed.
      (4)   Coops must provide adequate ventilation, shade, and be resistant to predators, wild birds, and rodents.
      (5)   Access door(s) to any coop must be latched and secured with chickens inside during the hours between nine o’clock (9:00) P.M. and six o’clock (6:00) A.M.
      (6)   Coops shall be located to the rear of the residential structure, and may be allowed in the backyard, but not to the side or front yards.
      (7)   Coops and enclosures must be a minimum of fifteen (15) feet from the property line and the residential structure on the property, and twenty-five (25) feet from any neighboring residence, business, church, or other structure occupied by persons.  A coop or enclosure may be maintained five (5) feet from a public alley adjoining the owner’s property.
      (8)   Chicken coops are required to have at least four (4) square feet of coop floor area per chicken and must be well maintained.  In no case shall the floor area of a chicken coop exceed forty (40) square feet.  Chicken coops shall not exceed eight (8) feet in height.  Enclosures must have at least eight (8) square feet of outdoor run space per chicken.  The enclosure must be constructed of wooden slats or wire fencing and shall be constructed to a minimum height of five (5) feet.  The enclosure musts be adequate to maintain the chickens within the enclosed space.
      (9)   Chickens are to be raised for egg consumption only and shall not be slaughtered within the Village limits.  Deceased chickens shall be properly disposed of.
      (10)   Chicken feed must be stored in a fully enclosed container resistant to rodents and other animals.