(a)   The owner of record for any improved real estate used or intended to be used for residential dwelling unit(s) or commercial use group(s) shall obtain a certificate of inspection for the point of sale/property maintenance inspection prior to selling, transferring or conveying, or entering into an agreement to sell, transfer, or otherwise convey, an interest in such property.
   (b)   No owner of record of all real estate described in subsection (a) hereof shall sell, transfer, or otherwise convey an interest in such property without first presenting the prospective purchaser or grantee with a copy of a point of sale/property maintenance certificate of inspection or a copy of a valid certificate of inspection issued by the Building Commissioner within six months and prior to the agreement to transfer or sell the property.
   (c)   In the event the real estate described in subsection (a) hereof has sold at Sheriff’s sale or other court-ordered auction, the owner of record/purchaser of the property shall obtain a point of sale/property maintenance inspection prior to the transfer of the property.
   (d)   Section 1494.07(c) shall apply to any individual transfer of real property through quit claim, land contract, inheritance or gift where no bona fide sale is intended. An application for the certificate of inspection as required by this chapter shall be made by the owner, er an agent, or property manager for the owner, upon forms provided by the Building Commissioner.
(Ord. 2000-137. Passed 12-6-00; Ord. 2008-48. Passed 5-21-08; Ord. 2009-02. Passed 1-21-09; Ord. 2011-35. Passed 6-15-11.)