TITLE TWO - Building Standards
         Chap. 1420.   Regional Building Code. (Repealed)
         Chap. 1422.   Regional Dwelling House Code. (Repealed)
         Chap. 1423.   Ohio Residential Building Code for One, Two and Three Family Dwellings.
         Chap. 1424.   Ohio Building Code.
TITLE FOUR - Building and Housing Administration
         Chap. 1440.   General Provisions; Administration, Enforcement and Penalty.
         Chap. 1442.   Fee Schedule.
         Chap. 1444.   Registration of Contractors.
         Chap. 1446.   Bond and Insurance Requirements for Developers and Contractors.
         Chap. 1448.   Payment Schedule for Public Work Contractors.
TITLE SIX - Miscellaneous Building Regulations
         Chap. 1458.   Alarm Systems.
         Chap. 1459.   Concrete.
         Chap. 1460.   Excavations and Filling.
         Chap. 1462.   Fire Limits.
         Chap. 1464.   Flood Damage Reduction.
         Chap. 1466.   Garages.
         Chap. 1468.   Grades.
         Chap. 1470.   House Moving and Wrecking.
         Chap. 1472.   Masonry.
         Chap. 1474.   Natural Waterways.
         Chap. 1476.   Outside Gas Light Installations.
         Chap. 1478.   Smoke Detection Devices. (Repealed)
         Chap. 1480. Swimming Pools.
         Chap. 1481.   Telecommunications and Utility Right-of-Way Permits.
         Chap. 1482.   Unsafe Buildings.
         Chap. 1483.   Small Cell Design Guidelines.
         Chap. 1484.   Notice of Foreclosure, Forfeited, or Vacant Property Filing.
         Chap. 1486.   Registration of Rental Properties.
         Chap. 1487.   Certificate of Rental Compliance. (Repealed)
         Chap. 1488.   Tenant’s Right to Pay to Stay.
TITLE EIGHT - Property Maintenance Code
         Chap. 1490.   International Property Maintenance Code.
         Chap. 1492.   Administration, Enforcement and Penalty. (Repealed)
         Chap. 1494.    Certificates of Occupancy.
         Chap. 1496.   Basic Standards for Occupancy. (Repealed)