(a)   The construction, maintenance and repair of any sidewalk in the City shall be the responsibility of, and shall be done at the expense of, the person owning the lot fronting upon the street or alley where such improvements may be required to be made. Materials shall conform to construction material specifications set forth in Section 1024.02 and with such specifications of the City Engineer on file in the office of the Director of Service. The cost of such materials may be assessed according to State law and collected as therein authorized.
   (b)   Where, in the interests of the City, work is required to be done which may involve the reconstruction of an otherwise good sidewalk, or for other good and sufficient reason, the City may perform such work and bear the cost thereof. In addition, the City may perform work or permit work to be performed in connection with sidewalks for a public utility regulated by the Public Utilities Commission of the State or a person holding a franchise from the City, provided such utility or person shall pay the cost thereof, including overhead expenses.
(Ord. 1972-64. Passed 4-19-72.)